Italy Scholarships for International Students

Italy Scholarships for International Students

Italy is a country that has long been known for its academic excellence and its commitment to providing the best educational opportunities for both domestic and international students. Italy Scholarships program is a great way for international students to access these opportunities and receive financial aid while studying in Italy. These scholarships provide financial support to help cover tuition fees, living costs, and other expenses associated with it. 

Discover the unique opportunities and learn more about the Italy Scholarships for International Students.

Best Scholarships for International Students:

Students who desire to study in Italy can apply for a variety of scholarships. Depending on your level of education, you may be eligible for a wide variety of scholarship options, including merit-based, need-based, and student-specific awards. 

Here is an overview of the various scholarship opportunities available for international students:

  • Italian Government Scholarship (Government Based):

Attention, students and scholars! The Italian government is offering scholarships for those interested in studying abroad! 

Whether you’re an international student or an Italian citizen living outside Italy, this program aims to promote international cooperation in various fields such as science, technology, culture, and arts. Plus, you can be awarded a scholarship for not only bachelors and master’s degrees but also research or linguistic stays in a public or recognized Italian institution. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to explore a new country and culture while furthering your education. Apply now for an Italian government scholarship!

Degrees: Bachelor, Master’s Degree, PhD, Research, and language


  • Master’s scholarship: Bachelor’s degree & under 28 years old
  • PhD scholarship: Master’s degree & 30 years or younger
  • Proof of language proficiency if studied English/Italian
  • Need excellent academic record and financial need
  • Applicants must come from a developing country


  • Monthly allowance of 900 euros paid quarterly.
  • Excused from paying tuition and fees.
  • Free airfare

Opening Date: June 

To apply: click here

  • The University of Milan Scholarships 2023: (Merit Based)

The University of Milan aims to attract more international students and provides diverse financial support, including scholarships and tuition waivers. The “Excellence Scholarships” are up for first-year Master’s students with outstanding academic performance. 

This year’s 155 scholarships will be given to the most exceptional international students enrolled in the program. These include 55 scholarships worth €6,000 and 100 full all-inclusive tuition waivers. 

Interested students must apply for a master’s program before May and undergo a selection process by a dedicated committee. 

Institute: University of Milan

Degree: Bachelor, Master and PhD

Benefits: 100% study cost

Opening Date: February


  • International students are limited to one scholarship per person.
  • Strong language skills are necessary for success in academics.

To apply, click here

  • Pauda International Excellence Scholarship: (Merit Based)

The University of Padua offers full scholarships for first and second-cycle degrees taught in English at Padova. 

With a large subsistence allowance of €8,000 and free of tuition fees, this award is intended for those with exceptional talent. 

Don’t pass up this excellent chance to pursue your goals and further your studies at one of Italy’s most esteemed institutions of higher learning.

Institute: University of Padova

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Benefits: Up to 8000Euros

Opening Date: August

Eligibility: All Foreign Students

To apply: Click here

  • Luiss Guido Carli Scholarships 2023: (Merit Based)

The Luiss Guido Carli Excellence Scholarship Programs are well-known Italy Scholarships for International Students who want to pursue bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. This award is provided to qualified students based on academic merit. 

Two scholarships are now being made available by Luiss Guido Carli to overseas students admitted directly for the current academic year and enrolled in the first year of a master’s degree program. 

Institute: University of Luiss

Degree: Social Science, Humanity and others

Benefit: 100% of study cost

Opening Date: February

Eligibility: All Foreign students

To apply: Click here 

  • UNINT Scholarships 2023: (Merit Based)

Hey students! Want to save big on tuition fees? The top 10 brightest minds in each academic year and course get reduced fees. For first-year bachelor’s students, earn 90-100 points, and you’re eligible. 

Second and third-year students with a top 10 cumulative GPA, passed exams, and international experience are also qualified. First-year Master’s students score 105-110 points to save. Take advantage of this chance to be rewarded for your brilliance!

Institute: UNINT

Degree: Bachelor, Master and PhD

Benefits: For first-year students, get up to half off your tuition fees! Enjoy a 50% reduction on standard fees in 18 easy installments. 

Opening Date: Month of June

Eligibility: all International students

To apply: Click here

  • Luigia Tincani Scholarship: (Merit Based)

These scholarships worth 1,000 euros each are being offered to students with financial difficulties by LUMSA University and the Luigia Tincani Association. 

The scholarships are only available to secondary school graduates enrolling in LUMSA University courses this academic year. 

Organization: Luigia Tincani Association

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefits: 1000 euros

Opening Date: August

Eligibility: All foreign students

To apply: Click here 

  • ISU Bocconi Scholarships: (Merit Based)

At Bocconi University, They are committed to giving students investment possibilities through their developing financial assistance system. They endeavor to provide a variety of opportunities year after year. 

With tuition exemptions that vary in amount based on each student’s requirements, their financing alternatives for the current academic year are here to serve them in any economic condition. 

Organization: Bocconi University

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefits: 100% of the study cost

Opening date: June

Eligibility: All Foreign students

To apply: Click here

  • Lombardi Region scholarship: (Region Based)

Good news for international students! You may be eligible for various types of support if you meet their financial, merit, and course progression criteria. The aid application process is separate from registration, so you can secure assistance before signing up for classes. 

Just be sure to send in your application on time. Remember that you will lose your eligibility for aid if you get it but fail to register. 

Organization: Saint Rafael University

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefit: Free meal and other benefits

Opening Date: June

Eligibility: All foreign students

To apply: Click here

  • Polytechnic De Milan Scholarship: (Merit-based)

Merit-based scholarships are available from Politecnico di Milano for first- or second-semester Master of Science program candidates. With the aid of governmental and commercial partners, they can provide funding for the most gifted individuals, who have to pay a minor administrative charge of €200. 

Your academic record and prior experience—including your GPA and portfolio, if requested—are considered throughout the automatic scholarship selection process. 

Make sure to submit your complete dossier for Italy Scholarship, including language certification, before the deadline to be considered.

Organization: Politecnico Milano

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefits: 10000 euros each year

Opening Date: June

Eligibility: All Foreign students

To apply: Click here      

  • Unibo Action Scholarship: (Merit Based)

International students who wish to enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or single-cycle programs for the current academic year are given excellent scholarship options and tuition exemptions by the University of Bologna. 

The criteria used to determine these prizes, which measure aptitude and abilities, include assessment examinations like the SAT, GRE, and TOLC. 

It would help if you had a diploma from an Italian school founded outside of Italy or a legitimate certificate from a foreign educational institution to qualify. Candidates must be younger than 30 to apply before the deadline. The TOLC test is accessible in English and Italian, unlike the SAT and GRE tests, which are exclusively offered in English. 

Organization: University of Bologna

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Benefits: 11000 Euros

Opening Date: February each year

Eligibility: All foreign students

To apply: Click here

  • Disco Lazio Scholarships: (Regional Based)

The acclaimed University of Bologna offers scholarships and tuition exemptions for undergraduate, graduate, and single-cycle programs. Assessment examinations like the SAT, GRE, and TOLC are essential to receiving merit-based prizes. 

You must be under 30 years old by the submission cutoff date, have a diploma from a non-Italian institution, or attend an Italian school outside of Italy to be eligible. The TOLC exam is accessible in both English and Italian, unlike the SAT and GRE are administered in English. 

Take advantage of this opportunity. The test is available on the websites of the management establishments. Take it today and apply!

Organization: Rome University

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefits: 3000 to 7000 euros each year

Opening Date: May to July

Eligibility: All foreign students

To apply: Click here

  • EDISU Piemonte Scholarship: (Regional Based) 

Are you a full-time student enrolled at one of the Piemonte Universities’ Bachelor’s, Master’s, Single Cycle Master’s, or PhD programs? 

Happy news Regardless of your country, you can be qualified for an EDISU scholarship. Applications are also encouraged from part-time bachelor’s degree students. 

Several elements, including eligibility conditions and merit, determine the scholarship’s value. EDISU further provides non-resident students with housing services. Take advantage of the chance to continue your study in Italy!

Organization: Piemonte Universities

Degree: Bachelor and Master

Benefits: Regional fee, accommodation meal free etc.

Opening Date: July to September


  • Students must earn a certain number of credits to qualify for benefits.
  • This rule applies to students entering after year one or during the 2022/23 school year.
  • Eligibility is based on the family’s financial status and property holdings.

To apply: Click here

  • Erasmus+ Scholarship: (Private Based)

Join the Erasmus+ community to discover fascinating new global education, training, employment, and service opportunities. With more than 4 million participants, Erasmus+ offers tailored financing and global partnerships, boosting cooperation between youth-serving, education-serving, and training organizations. 

Additionally, it contributes to the modernization of the Education, Training, and Youth systems on a national scale. Take advantage of Erasmus+’s numerous advantages – enroll right away!

Organization: Bocconi University

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Benefits: Up to 300 euros per month

Opening Date: October to January

Eligibility: All poor countries

To apply: Click here   

University of Pavia Scholarship: (Government Based)

With 150 scholarships available for international students in the forthcoming academic year, join the world community at the esteemed University of Pavia (UNIPV). 

For undergraduate and graduate programs, there is a first-come, first-served policy.

Organization: Pavia University

Degree: Bachelor, Master, PhD

Benefits: Fully funded and Tuition fee waiver, 

Opening Date: Till August

Eligibility: All international students

To apply: Click here

  • Bocconi Merit and International Award: (Merit Based)

Italy Scholarships for International Students’ application are accepted from undergraduate and graduate students at Bocconi University. The merit-based scholarship might pay all or part of the tuition costs. 

The yearly tuition cap for the bachelor’s course and the Masters of science program is, respectively, €13,00 and €14,00.

Organization: Bocconi University

Degree: Bachelor, Master

Benefits: Full tuition and Fee waiver of 14000$ every year

Opening Date: Till May

Eligibility: All international students

To apply: Click here 

  • Nato Defence Fellowship 2023: (Private Based)

Students interested in pursuing their education in Italy! Here’s some exciting news: the NATO Defense College Fellowship applications are now open! This fellowship offers fully financed research fellowships for overseas students wanting to study in Rome for the 2023–2024 academic years. 

The scholarship will pay for your travel costs and hotel stay in Rome. 

Organization: Nato Defence College

Degree: Research

Benefits: Fully funded (Students will be awarded a stipend to cover their travel expenses and stay in the city.)

Opening Date: June


  • Fluency in English, knowledge of French and Italian (advantageous but not mandatory).
  • Eligible countries: NATO Member States, PfP, MD and PAG frameworks.
  • Computer proficiency: Good computer skills and proficiency in English or French.

To apply: Click here

For more information on fully funded Italy Scholarship


Italy Scholarships for International Students Application Process:


  • Official application must be completed to be considered for the Italy Scholarship scheme.
  • Application date for the scholarship is typically in May/June of every year.
  • Basic personal data, financial need documentation, and other required information must be submitted in the application
  • A selection committee reviews applications and chooses the best applicants
  • Recipients are contacted via email/letter and must accept an offer to receive a scholarship
  • Arrangements such as visa processing, airfare, housing, etc., must be made before beginning studies

Selection Process for Italy Scholarship:

The selection process is based on evaluating an applicant’s academic background, financial need, and commitment to their chosen field. The Italian government carefully reviews each application and considers the student’s potential for contributing to their home country after completing their studies in Italy. 

Within a few weeks of completing your application, you will get an official notification by email or mail if you are chosen for a scholarship grant. Remember to accept the offer and make all required arrangements before departing for Italy to begin your education. 

If you want to learn more about Italian scholarships, read our post on Fully Funded Scholarships in Italy. It will go over all of the different types of scholarships and how to apply for one.

Final Verdict:

The Italy Scholarships for International Students is a fantastic chance  from underdeveloped nations to study abroad in Italy. The scholarship program offers a sizable tuition waiver, health insurance protection, and a living allowance. 

You have access to some of Italy’s most excellent colleges, making it the perfect opportunity to continue your education while taking in the sights and sounds of the nation. To be considered, your application must be complete and sent by the deadline.

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